Top 4 Money Making Sites.

This is my very first blog and I want to jump right into helping you guys in making some money! The following sites won’t make you rich or maybe they could depending on how much time you’re spending on them. One thing for sure, you will most definitely be making some extra cash on the side. So let’s jump into these sites.

1. MyPoints

I’ve been a member of MyPoints since 2010 and made a total of 21,628 points to this day which is about $130. You may say “ohh that’s so little for the time frame” BUT I barely ever do surveys or shop online through MyPoints because most of the time I forget. 90% of that money earned was from emails I receive from MyPoints. Each email is from 5 points and all you really have to do is click the “Get Points” link to receive those points. Points are redeemable for a variety of gift cards, paypal, or visa card gift card. I mostly redeem my points for Amazon gift cards since I do a lot of shopping on Amazon.

MyPoints has all kinds of ways to receive huge amount of points. The best way to earn points from my point of thought is through shopping. MyPoints has 100s of shopping sites you could earn points per dollar for. Each site ranges when it comes to the points you could earn. It’s basically like earning cash back for purchases. If you love playing games, you could earn points for playing games on MyPoints. If you love couponing, why not earn money for doing so? Printing and redeeming 10-15 coupons in a month gives you 25 points, and more than 15 gives you 50 points. I myself have been earning points using coupons and it feels great! There are so many other ways to earn points on the site such as surveys, watching videos, and much more.

2. e-Rewards

e-Rewards is another great site I have been using for years. Earning money is only by doing surveys but each survey ranges from $2.50-$10+. Signing up is by invitation only and you cannot be referred by friends. I wish I remembered how I joined, but your best bet is to contact them by email asking to join e-Rewards. There isn’t much to discuss about this website. Surveys are always sent to your email showing you the topic of the survey, the price and time it will take to complete.

e-Rewards have a good amount of rewards you could redeem. They have airline mileage, some restaurants such as Denny’s, Red Lobster, or They also have hotels, shopping stores, Starbucks, GameStop for the gamers, and JustFab for the ladies!

3. UserTesting

I haven’t heard of UserTesting until recently. About a month ago doing all kinds of research on how to earn extra income led me to UserTesting. I must say so far so good. First you must apply with UserTesting and take a test to see if you quality. If you quality, you become a UserTesting employee. How does this site work? Easy. How are the tests? Easy. Tests available could be either for Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Andriod. Each test is about 15 minutes and pays $10+. All you do is follow the tasks provided and while your computer or phone screen is recorded, you speak your thoughts out loud. When you reach the end of the test, you submit your test and you get paid $10 straight to your PayPal within 7 days.

Within the 1st day or 2 after signing up. I was able to qualify for a test and got paid $10. I didn’t think that money could be earned so easily. With most tests, you have to take a screener to see if you qualify.

TIP: Login to UserTesting and keep the website open in your browser so that whenever you hear a ‘Ding’ sound, you can catch that test before it is gone.

4. Crowdtap

Finally, we have Crowdtap. This site is all about brands you may be using on a daily basis. You answer polls, comment, post photos, or media related posts regarding different brands. As soon as you do 1,000 points worth, you receive a $5 gift card. I love this site because points are so easy to get. Polls are 2 points each and the other missions are 20-30 points each. Each mission is few seconds long which means you could get your $5 gift card in less than an hour. The best part are the samples. With Crowdtap you receive an actual size sample. The more missions you do, the more samples you will have available to sign up for. Beware, once you see a sample available, sign up for it as quickly as possible before it’s gone.

With these 4 money making sites, you’re guaranteed to make some cash on the side. A very long time ago, I created a little website that had my top 3 money making sites. They earned me quite some cash in the past. I currently do not use them as much but from time to time, I login to do a survey or two on each. Here is the website that will show you those 3 money making sites and if you plan on signing up. The links on the website will direct you straight to each site. 3 Extra Money Making Sites.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



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