Best Free Samples Sites.

Who loves free samples?? MEEEE!! I’m sure you do as well since you’re here. I have received samples from each and every one of the sites down below. All you need to do in return is review the samples you receive and answer a few questions if needed. If you decide not to do that, you will likely not receive any more samples. So here we go.

1. Crowdtap

There is more to Crowdtap than samples. With this site you could earn Amazon gift cards by doing missions. Missions are 1 minute or less long and by doing these missions, samples open up to you to apply for. Once you see a sample available, I advise you to apply to it as quickly as possible because they usually become full fairly quick.

My most recent sample that I received from Crowdtap was a Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face Sunscreen. On top of the sample, I also receive points for doing the report, review, and posting a picture or two of the product.

2. BzzAgent

At first when I made an account with BzzAgent I didn’t think I would ever receive any samples because I had no idea how the website worked. But with patience and answering questions to strengthen your profile, surely I qualified for samples. I received two samples so far. One was a Braun Beard Trimmer and the other was Bic Hybrid Razors. Just like Crowdtap, you will need to do a report once you receive and try your sample.

My tip to you is to do all the survey questions available in order to receive samples. Also if you sign up you will notice there is a score for your account. When you receive samples, make sure you do the required feedback in order to gain a better score.

3. Smiley360

Smiley360 is similar to BzzAgent but all you need to do is fill your profile page and you do not have to worry about doing account surveys. What you should always do is login into your account at least once a day to see if any samples are available for the taking. When you give product feedback, you receive points and badges. I to this day have no idea what these points are used for and what the badges do, BUT all I know is I receive free samples and that is all that matters:)

4. Swaggable

Swaggable is not one of my top sites for receiving samples but I’ve received samples previously. I’ve gotten three samples before. If you notice in the picture, it shows some products and at the top right of the product picture it shows “Want it” or “Wanted”. When you see a product you like, click “Want it” and it turns into “Wanted”. Now, that doesn’t mean that you will receive that item but the more items you want, the higher chance of you receiving a sample of that item.


I hope these this blog helped you find what you are looking for and as always if you have any questions, you could post a comment. Mr. Know it all helping you know it all. Take care and until next time!


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