Things YOU can do around Northern VA!

Whether you live in Virginia or don’t, this blog is perfect for you. I have lived in Northern Virginia for over 15 years. When humans get used to living somewhere, they find nothing to do anymore. Read below the list of places and things you can do around Virginia and D.C. There may be things you have done already but read along anyways because there are different things you can do in the same place you have been to. Each link will take you directly to their official website if you need more information such as the hours of operation.

1. Great Falls.

Great Falls is a beautiful park in McLean where you can do many activities. You can do things from sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, BBQing, bicycling, running, climbing, horseback riding, and even fishing! I’ve been to Great Falls many times and each time did something different. The first couple times going to Great Falls, we had an amazing BBQ with friends and family. The most recent times I’ve been there, we went hiking for a few miles. We were able to go near the water, climb the highest rocks, and see the beautiful nature. If you love hiking and camping then you might love this LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Don’t forget to get some Mosquito Repellent Wristbands unless you like itching those bites!

-Make sure you take plenty of water.
-The park is free on holidays.
-Take some bug repellent.

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2. Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

Everybody loves the zoo! I sure do! With so many different animals to see, going early gives you plenty of time to explore the whole zoo. What’s your favorite animal at the zoo? Mine is the elephant. I love seeing the elephants especially because of how close you are to them when you see them. My second favorite animal at the zoo? Probably the gorilla! I love seeing the different things they do. Some of them may look tired and lazy but it all depends on the time you go see them.

-If more than 2 people are going. It’s cheaper driving and parking in the zoo!
-Take snacks and food with you. Zoo has little and little is expensive!
-Grab a map to know where you’re going and so you don’t miss anything!

3. Smithsonian Museums.

There are so many museums in Washington D.C. that you will need at least a month to see them all. Of course I’m speaking in terms of seeing one almost every day. I myself haven’t been to all of the museums Smithsonian has to offer. I don’t have much to say because there are so many museums to talk about and I haven’t been to more than half of them! I recommend the spy museum and the wax museum! Click the above link to see all the museums.



4. Indoor Go-Kart Racing.

If you’ve never been. GO!! There aren’t many different locations for indoor go-kart racing and the pricing is affordable. You provide the money and they provide the kart and gear! You can pay for different number of races if you’d like to do more than one race. If you go as a group and I recommend that, it’s more fun when you race with family and/or friends. You’ll be able to keep track of scores and rankings and if you’re really good, you might make the top 10 on their site!



5. Skyline Drive.

Skyline Drive is a Shenandoah National Park. There are 4 different entrances to the park. If you click the link above you can see them. If you want to cross the whole mountain, it will take about 3 hours to do so. A lot of people camp in Skyline Drive since they have camping areas. You will find plenty of BBQ and picnic areas as you’re driving as well as restrooms. They have hiking throughout the park. I’ve been there twice but never hiked:( Maybe the next time I go and decide to camp.

-Do not speed! Park police WILL ticket you.
-Park is free on some holidays.
-If you want to BBQ, take food with you!



6. Go to Old Town.

Old Town is a beautiful place to be at in the evening. There are plenty of different stores to explore and the water front is amazing. You could take a ferry to D.C. and back. I believe the ferries run on a schedule so once you land in D.C. you could take a stroll and come back when the ferry is ready to head back to old town. Old Town has a free trolley that runs from the waterfront which is very convenient if you park a little way from the waterfront or at the water front and would like to reach a shop.



7. Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

I’ve never been but Busch Gardens is a great place to have fun with your friends or family. They have rides and coasters, events, shows, and concerts. The admission fee is a bit expensive but you can find offers or coupons online.


8. Virginia Aquarium.

Never been here either:( Always wanted to go to the aquarium so I will GO when I make TIME! SOON! It is affordable, from what I saw it was $25 for ages 12+ and $20 for ages 3-11. The hours are 9-5 and you can download the map of the aquarium on their website.



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