7 Car Parts You Need to Check for Safety.

How safe do you feel in your vehicle? There are so many different things that could go wrong in your vehicle if you don’t keep it maintained. You guys will be reading about 7 different car parts that are fairly easy to check. Why do you need to check them? To make sure you’re safe on the road and that everyone around you is safe as well.

If you have a hard time locating any of these parts, look up your car’s year, make, and model on google with the part name to find its location.

1. Battery.

Your car battery is most likely located under your hood but for others it could be in your trunk. If your headlines or dash lights are flickering, it could be a battery problem. Why do we need to check the battery? Because we do not want to wake up one morning with the car not starting. How do you check it? The easiest way is to take it to your local Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts and they can check it for you for FREE.

If you decide to check it yourself, you could buy a battery testing device. You can find one for less than $10 on Amazon. With your car off, the battery needs to measure at 12.6v. If your car is on when testing the battery, it should measure from 13.7v to 14.7v. I recommend this battery tester: Cartman Car Battery & Alternator Tester.

2. Brakes.

When you take your car for inspection, they usually check your brakes. If you weren’t informed about them, they’re more likely to be in good condition. If you hear squeaky sounds when you press the brake pedal or release the brake pedal, it’s time for you to check your brakes. You might need to remove your wheel to reach your brakes.

To check the brakes, you need to make sure the brake pad still has thread. You can see below how the two brake pads differ. Obviously when you check your own, they will be on your car still. All you need to do is look between your rotor and brakes to see if any thread is left.



3. Rotors.

Once you checked your brakes, you might as well check your rotors. Rotors are those round things behind your wheels. You might need to remove your wheel to check them unless you have nice big alloy wheels. Checking them is even more simple. What you do not want to see if a scratched up rotor. You should be seeing a clear nice silver rotor. If your rotor is scratched, looks like the picture below, or looks even worse. You will need to replace it as soon as you can.

Picture from wikiHow



The radiator is where your anti-freeze goes. The radiator works to keep your engine from overheating. Where is it located? When you open your hood and towards the front usually left side, you will see the radiator cap as shown in the picture below. That is where your radiator is located.

Make sure to never open that cap when the engine was running and hot. Wait until the car cooled down or hours of the vehicle sitting in your garage or parking lot to open it. Once you open it, check to see if any coolant is in it. If there is nothing in there, you most likely could have a leak. If there’s coolant inside, put the radiator cap back on, turn on your car, keep it running for about 5 minutes, and then check under the car to see if anything is leaking.

TIP: Make sure your A/C is OFF when checking for leaks.



5. Air Filter.

Air filter is self explanatory. It filters the air. Which air? The air that runs to your intake system. If it’s not clean it will restrict airflow and your engine will not get enough air. The air filter varies among different vehicles. This is where Google is your best friend. Look up your vehicle information to find out how to check your filter. Just make sure your filter is not like the right side of this picture here. If it’s dirty, buy a replacement from your local auto parts store and it’s fairly simple to change.



6. Spare Tire.

Spare tire? Really? Why is this a safety issue? The only thing I could inform you about the spare tire is if it has enough air. Ohh.. and of course if you have or not. I have never used a spare tire on my vehicle, so when I cleaned out my trunk one day, I found out that my spare tire was FLAT. Big issue if I ever needed to use my spare tire.


7. Finally.. Car Jack.

Another question mark you might give me. You’d be surprised how many people don’t have a car jack in their vehicles. If you have one, make sure it works. How do you do that? You can simply lift you car with the car jack and leave it there for 5 minutes or so. If the vehicle slowly goes down, you might want to get a hold of another car jack. You can buy this car jack from amazon for an affordable price: Torin Scissor Jack

TIP: You might be able to get a car jack at the junkyard for FREE.


Thank you guys. If you have any questions you could always contact me!


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