The going is tough..

I’m a 24 year old male, married at 23, going to college, and work 2 part-time jobs averaging 25 hours a week. Is it hard? Sometimes. I thank God every day for every thing I have in this world. I am able to pay bills and school with little to no struggle. When you have a roof over your head, food on your plate, and a family to love, you have it all.

When you start thinking about money and worrying that you won’t have any left after paying for bills is when you start losing that hope and motivation. Money comes and goes. Most of the time it goes, but if you have some sort of income then you can makes things work. If you budget and do it right, you can save more money than you can imagine. (I’ll be working on a budget plan blog and post it right here) You can’t eat out everyday and buy Starbucks everyday and complain that you have no money. Do you ever calculate how much you spend on things of that sort a month? a year? Be wise with your money but also don’t be stingy. Donate to the needy. Charity should play a big roll in everyone’s life and with that pure intention of giving, you will receive.

Money is not the only issue we have in this world. You may be struggling to nail that perfect job or maybe that perfect women. Whatever your situation is, you have to reassure and think to yourself that anything is possible and with time and hard work, you can achieve what you dream.

-If you hate your job and can handle being there, be thankful you have a job. Followed by that, apply to new jobs. If you applied to 20+ jobs with no response from any of them, you need to pick up the phone and GIVE THEM A CALL. Why not? What do you have to lose? Ask about the status of your application and you may just get an interview. If you can take 10-20 minutes out your day to do some job searching, you can nail a new job within a month. Nothing is supposed to be easy but it doesn’t mean you should think of what you’re doing as hard work.

-When it comes to paying for bills, you have to pay for them. There’s no way to avoid them but you can change how much you pay in almost anything. I have a special blog on how to save money so go ahead and click that link, take some notes and make a plan. There may be a lot of unnecessary extras you pay for when you can either get them for free or live without them. For example, cable. Yes it’s convenient to have, but if you’re worrying about not having enough money, cut it off and watch any and everything online.

When the going gets tough, put in mind that there are people that have less than you but are still thankful. If you’re comfortable, comment below and tell us what you’re struggling with. Perhaps we could come up with a solution.


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